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Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Dade County was established in 1892. Its main objective was to insure farmers who were unable to obtain insurance with other companies. The company was owned by the policyholders and in the event of a loss the owners or policyholders would be assessed a dollar amount to pay the claim. This system worked very well for several years.

Farmers Mutual Insurnace Company of Dade County today is still owned by the policyholders, however, policyholders are no longer assessed for claim payments as they were in earlier years. The company has investments and premium income to cover these losses. The company is run by a board of seven members, who each hold a two year term and make the decisions for the company. An annual meeting is held once a year where the policyholders are invited to attend. This meeting is set up to provide information regarding the company’s financial status to the policyholders and to vote for the coming year’s board members and officers.